Call for ideas: What should be in the Internet Health Report?

Solana Larsen

By Solana Larsen | Sept. 3, 2018 | Insights


What research, stories, people and ideas would you like to see in the next Internet Health Report? Submit your suggestions and links before September 14, 2018 at 11:59 pm of your timezone.

The Internet Health Report is created every year through a collaborative process involving readers, friends and advocates of internet health. In 2017, we asked: “How would you measure internet health?” More than 800 people responded and helped choose our topics.

Every year, the Internet Health Report features a compilation of research and stories on a wide range of topics. Our interests range from the personal (like the amount of time we spend online) to the global (like the carbon footprint of the internet).

In 2018, we visualized data on global internet access, encryption and much more. We spoke to people who fight online harassment and women who teach others to code.

Tell us what you wish to see in the report this year!

Is it something you worked on yourself? A friend whose work impresses you? Or something you read about in a book or online? All ideas are very welcome, you don’t have to be an expert to participate. Submissions can be from anywhere in the world and in any language.

Submit your idea:

If you give us permission, we may publicly display your idea. You can be anonymous if you chose.

After September 14, we will assess how to incorporate as many ideas as possible into the 2019 Internet Health Report. If you share your email address, we will keep you informed.

Thank you!

Please come back anytime if you have more ideas. If you have questions about the process or further comments to share, feel free to write to us at