On August 27, Mozilla is bringing together the Kiswahili Common Voice community. Join us to collaborate and make Kiswahili voice technology more open and inclusive.

This 90-minute Zoom session is a chance for interested tech hubs, communities, and partners to learn more about Common Voice, Mozilla’s open-source initiative to make voice technology more inclusive. Contributors donate speech data — like Kiswahili — to a public dataset, which anyone can then use to train voice-enabled technology.

At the August 27 session, Mozilla’s Common Voice team will introduce the project, with a special focus on our Kiswahili work. The team will also showcase how to contribute and validate Kiswahili voice data; detail the importance of creating more diverse AI data sets; and present example use cases of this voice data in action.

To sign up, visit please complete Google Form. In the meantime, learn more about Common Voice.