The Mozilla Foundation works to ensure the internet remains a public resource that is open and accessible to us all.

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Issues like privacy, trustworthy AI, and digital rights impact all of us who use the internet. Mozilla helps translate them and empower meaningful change.


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We support activists and thought leaders shaping the future of our online lives.


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We publish open-source research and host global convenings to make ideas like trustworthy AI mainstream.

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Who's in control? The RegretsReporter User Controls Study

Who's in control? The RegretsReporter User Controls Study

RegretsReporter is a crowdsourced investigation into YouTube’s recommendation AI. This blog post unpacks Mozilla’s RegretsReporter research methods.

Jesse McCrosky
Becca Ricks

Jesse McCrosky and Becca Ricks

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Of all the groups we work with regularly, very few have had the impact that our collaborations with Mozilla have had over the years…it’s absolutely a match made in heaven.

Jenny Toomey

Ford Foundation

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