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Sonos One SL

Überprüft am: 23.10.2019

Sonos did something interesting this year. They took their Sonos One smart speaker and made it dumb. Seems there is a market for privacy-minded people who just want a speaker for playing music, not with a built-in microphone that could be spying on you. This Sonos One SL is just like the Sonos One minus the microphone listening for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant commands. Control it with the Sonos app over WiFi, not Bluetooth, or use Apple Airplay to stream your music. To think, a speaker simply built to play music and not listen to you all day long. Crazy!


Fünf wesentliche Schritte, die jedes Unternehmen umsetzen sollte, um die Privatsphäre der Verbraucher zu schützen. Weitere Informationen

5/5 Stern
Encrypts the device itself and communications with cloud services.
Automatic updates are enabled by default.
Sicheres Passwort
Do you have to create a strong password?
Umgang mit Schwachstellen
Sonos does not have an official bug bounty program, but invites responsible disclosure of security bugs.
Does it have a privacy policy?

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Wie geht es mit Privatsphäre um?

Wie werden Daten ausgetauscht?
Sonos says it does not share your personal data with third parties for commercial or marketing purposes.
Können Sie Ihre Daten löschen?
Benutzerfreundliche Datenschutzinformationen?
Sonos' privacy policy is written in fairly simple language but could be more accessible.
Verweist auf Datenschutzinformationen

Was könnte passieren, wenn etwas schief geht?

This is a very good privacy-minded device as far as we can tell. Sonos does a good job with privacy and security. And without the built-in speaker sending data to Amazon or Google, your data and listening preferences stay with you in your home.

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Misconfigured Networks Vulnerable to PewDiePie Prank
We've been investigating a small number of households with improperly configured networks, such that Sonos players and other devices become accessible from the Internet, and someone instigated a prank to play a message in support of YouTube star PewDiePie on those systems.

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