OurPets SmartScoop Intelligent Litter Box
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OurPets SmartScoop Intelligent Litter Box

Überprüft am: 23.10.2019

Do we think the "smart home" has gone too far when we have litter boxes that alert us when our cats took a poo? If not, then this Bluetooth connected litter box that senses when you cat enters and leaves the litter box, scoops the poop into a bin, and then lets you know the deed is done might be right up your alley. It will even let you know when the litter box "requires your attention." Which seems like something your kitty can do just fine. Just in case, here's a notification to let you know the world needs one more thing from you. Yup, humans might just have gone too far.


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We were unable to determine if this device currently uses secure encryption.
We were unable to determine whether this device receives regular security updates.
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We were unable to determine if this device requires a strong password or other means of secure authentication.
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We were unable to determine whether the company manages security vulnerabilities.
OurPets has a privacy policy but it doesn't appear to apply to the device – only the company's website.

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Unfortunately, this product raises some red flags. The company didn't take the time to get back to us with answers to our privacy and security questions. They also do not meet our Minimum Security Standards because the only privacy policy we could find was one for the website. That means the device and the app it connects to do not have a privacy policy we could find. That's bad. What's the worst that could go wrong with a Bluetooth connected litter box with potentially poor privacy and security protections? Perhaps not a whole lot. But we'd rather see them take your security and privacy seriously so we don't have to find out.

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