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Furbo Dog Camera with Dog Nanny

Überprüft am: 23.10.2019

Do you have separation anxiety with your pup? Do those sad eyes get you every time you leave the house? Maybe you just miss them when you're at work? Here's an option: Put an HD video camera with two-way audio, barking alert, and treat tossing ability in your home so you're never really away from your furry friend. Add in the Dog Nanny and you get 24- hour event-based cloud recording, alerts when your pup doesn't something like take a selfie (not kidding), and a doggie diary. Is it creepy? Probably. Is your furry family member worth it? Most definitely!


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Furbo can share aggregated, de-identified data with anyone. This means that Furbo strips your data of personal information and then pools it with other user data and can share it with anyone.
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Furbo's privacy policy is written in complex legal language, which may not be accessible to consumers.
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Furbo does meet our Minimum Security Standards and does appear to be making a good effort when it comes to users' privacy. However, you are putting a video and audio recording device in your home that connects to cloud recording. It is always possible, if unlikely, someone on the other end could be spying on you like you spy on your dog.

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