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Bose SoundSport Wireless

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Sporty, somewhat wireless (they have a wire running between the two earbuds, so not truly wireless) earbuds that let you sweat all you want. Sounds fun. And as anyone who has used (somewhat) wireless earbuds knows, they are super easy to lose, especially at the gym. So Bose teamed up with Tile, the makers of those little Bluetooth trackers, to integrate that tracking feature into your earbuds via a software update. Sounds handy. Tile also has a "community find" feature that will let other people with the Tile app find your headphones and alert your Tile app where they are. Sounds nice, if maybe a little creepy?


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Uses encryption for the Bluetooth.
Does it get regular software/firmware updates?
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The device pairs securely via Bluetooth, which does not require a password.
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Is there a system in place for managing security vulnerabilities?
Does it have a privacy policy?

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May share aggregated, de-identified data with anyone. Shares data with analytics service providers.
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May share aggregated, de-identified data with anyone. Shares data with analytics service providers.
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Bose didn't respond to our privacy and security questions when we reached out to them. It's possible Bose could scoop up your information when you use these headphones and share it with others without your knowledge or consent. Bose currently is fighting a class action lawsuit for doing just that. Also, these headphones have Tile tracking technology built-in to help you find your headphones through the Tile app if lost. As we mention in our Tile review, Tile has a "community find" feature that will let anyone with the Tile app find your Tile and alert your app where it is. This is a good feature...that could potentially be used for bad purposes.

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