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Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition

Überprüft am: 23.10.2019

Remember when long road trips meant drawing an imaginary line down the middle of the backseat and punching your sibling whenever they crossed it? Those days are over. Today there are tablets for kids. Amazon's Fire HD for Kids comes with a "kid-proof case" in bright, pretty colors and includes built-in parental controls designed to help parents feel better about giving their kids screen time. Toss in a 1-year subscription to Freetime Unlimited--access to a ton of "content kids crave" (which automatically rolls into a $2.99 per month subscription after one year)--and you've got your kid squared away for that long drive to Grandma and Grandpa's house.


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Uses encryption in transit and at rest.
Does it get regular software/firmware updates?
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Setting a lock screen password for the tablet is optional
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Does it have a privacy policy?

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Wie werden Daten ausgetauscht?
Amazon can use your device data for customized marketing and targeted ads, including interest-based ads. This means that data about your browsing or location can be used to target you with custom ads.
Können Sie Ihre Daten löschen?
You can request deletion of a child's data but it is unclear whether an adult can do the same. The only way to delete all your data is to delete your Amazon account.
Benutzerfreundliche Datenschutzinformationen?
Amazon's privacy information is written in fairly complex legal language and is not maintained in one central location. However, information about Amazon Fire devices is somewhat more accessible.
Verweist auf Datenschutzinformationen

Was könnte passieren, wenn etwas schief geht?

Amazon gets to know your kid's personal information from the cradle on. Seriously, Amazon will be tracking your kid's viewing and browsing habits. You can request Amazon delete your child's data, which is nice because it's unclear from Amazon's policies if you can do the same for yourself as an adult. The only way to be absolutely sure all this data is deleted--both your childs and your own--is to delete your Amazon account completely.

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