Motorbunny & Link Controller

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Motorbunny & Link Controller

Motorbunny $999

Überprüft am: 07.02.2021

This vibrating saddle can accommodate up to two people at a time riding with one of many silicone attachments, covers, pads, or restraints. Add the LINK Bluetooth controller to the Motorbunny saddle and you can control the buzz and twirl of this wild ride from up to 30 feet away in the same area or hop on the internet and let your admirer control your ride from anywhere. Use the app to sync it with music, take a pre-programmed ride, or even use Siri to tell it what to do. Yeehaw!

Was könnte passieren, wenn etwas schiefgeht?

Motorbunny does some good things and some questionable things when it comes to user privacy. According to the privacy statements, they don't collect personally identifiable information beyond name and email, and they don't share or sell any personally identifiable information. Yay! They also don't clarify if they encrypt the data you do send over the app that links up with your sex saddle or provide any clear way you can delete what data they do collect on you. Boo! All in all, the Motorbunny is probably fairly safe to use up close or from a far. It doesn't meet our Minimum Security Standards though so we can't say we're certain your privacy will be protected. What could go wrong? Well, given that the person who controls the Motorbunny LINK app from afar can set buzz and twirl intensities with a touch of the finger, it would be pretty terrible to have someone you don't know changing your twirls into reverse twirls when you're not set in your saddle, so to speak.


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Users don't need to sign-up to use the app or connect the Motorbunny to the app. It's necessary to sign-up if a user wants to long-distance control the Motorbunny.

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Unclear. Questions and comments can be emailed to [email protected]

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