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Photo by Lina Kuvaka

For the last decade, MozFest has been trying to push boundaries and look at different aspects of tech and society. It has created new applications, hosted tough conversations and raised awareness of issues that usually fall on the fringes of societies. This year, we want to push these boundaries even further. Introducing Shifting Power in Tech: a Space at MozFest 2021 pressing for social change and justice. A Space that tackles multiple dimensions of power in technology from international perspectives.

When all of the Space Wranglers started this process, we wanted to make sure we were capturing important conversations in history. Influenced by #blacklivesmatter and Data Feminism, we wanted to dig into tough topics and see where we can shift the needle in the way we create, design, and implement technology. The answer in front of us was to look at power - who has it, who doesn’t have it, and how we can shift it so not only certain people will benefit from technology but instead that it will be equitable for all.

We envisioned Shifting Power in Tech as a Space to have hard conversations that lead to concrete actions. We want this Space to discuss equity, not only equality and fairness. To discuss not only bias but also tough and loaded terms like oppressions. To seek justice and not only to discuss ethics. By exploring this topic together with those who work in the private sector, civil society, academia, and the entire MozFest community, we can start and make a change.

Join Us At MozFest in March

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The Shifting Power in Tech Space Wranglers are proud to be hosting 24 sessions being hosted by Facilitators all over the world. Topics covered include gender justice in tech, digital utopia, ensuring users have a voice in AI and open source, zine creations and art sessions about tech and power, and much more.

If you are interested in becoming an ally in shifting power in tech or from a group that has usually been shut out of tech, either consuming or creating it, come and join our sessions to design, create, and imagine a better tech future!

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Mor Rubinstein is an intersectional feminist, data analyst and a community builder based in the London, UK. She the current Head of Data Strategy at Parkinson’s UK and the founder of Open Heroines, a community for women and non-binary in civic tech, open data and open government.

MozFest is part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. To learn more, visit www.mozillafestival.org.

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