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Program Updates

  • Mozilla’s Responsible Computer Science Challenge Will Expand to Kenya and India
  • Common Voice has awarded eight projects each USD $50,000, leveraging the Kiswahili language and voice technology to increase social and economic opportunities for marginalized groups in Kenya, Tanzania, and the Kiswahili-speaking Democratic Republic of Congo. Learn more here.
  • The Data Futures Lab welcomed two new Program Officers: Lisa Gutermuth based in Berlin and Miguel Morachimo based in Toronto.
  • During the week of 5 September, we held our first in person meeting for the Tech and Society Fellowship program in Berlin. The program launched two years ago and will come to a close this month, our first cohort to have navigated these last two difficult years of pandemic. It was a week filled with conversation, learning and reflection, and just a little bit of fun. We’re publishing a series of profiles on the Tech and Society Fellows, the first of which include Brian Obilo, Tarcizio Silva and Nadine Moawad.
  • Check out the new episodes of the IRL podcast. They double as the 2022 Internet Health Report. Go there for show notes, transcripts, and more.

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