This guest post, authored by longtime MozFest Volunteer AV Dan, is part of our MozFest Volunteer Cookbook series.

We are grateful and excited to announce the upcoming publication of the MozFest Volunteer Cookbook! Launching this September, the Volunteer Cookbook, created by our very own London-based Volunteers, shares the ins and outs of supporting Wranglers, Facilitators, and Participants at this unique event.

MozFest depends on its dedicated and welcoming Volunteers to keep the festival running smoothly and promote its inclusive and welcoming vibe. MozFest wouldn’t be MozFest without its Volunteers, so to our successors in Amsterdam we want to say: THANK YOU for continuing this tradition of care for our community!

Writing the Volunteer Cookbook feels symbolic, like passing the torch to our new friends in Amsterdam. This is undoubtedly a proud moment for all involved, and we appreciate the opportunity to document this legacy of volunteering that began in London, but will travel the globe as an integral part of MozFest.

In the Volunteer Cookbook, you’ll find the key ingredients and techniques that have made MozFest the resounding success that it has become over the last decade. There are recipes from the many chefs who gave London’s MozFest its flavour. But you should know that all our recipes need you to add the spice of local culture, and to explore the seasonings offered by new mediums, such that you establish the platform an evolving MozFest community craves and sustain it for another 10 years.

Volunteers will forever be instrumental in matching the flavour of MozFest - whether in-person or online - to our community’s tastes. MozFest truly depends on its Volunteers to support and deliver such inclusive, localised events. Whatever we hope and plan to serve up at the next MozFest will probably change in almost every way imaginable. And that’s OK. Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.

Check back soon for more blog posts from the Volunteer Cookbook and keep up with the latest MozFest news and opportunities to contribute by signing up for our newsletter and visiting the #volunteer channel on the MozFest community Slack.

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About the Author

AV Dan volunteered at all London MozFests, responding to tech support requests for facilitated sessions, moving between floors faster than the venue elevators with fistfuls of cables.

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